February Announcements

The 2016 schedule

The chapter at this point has four games ready to run this summer, all of them are at SPC or better status.  Last year’s implementation of a new policy to encourage earlier game submissions is beginning to make a difference that can be seen now with earlier announcements of games that are ready to run.  You will start seeing advertisements from the producers shortly.  Again, until we can get The Melee back on it’s feet, please plan to be a bit more proactive and seek out these producers to let them know if you are interested in being involved.

IFGS Campout Weekend in June

The weekend of Land of Light will also be a camping party sponsored by the chapter to give people a chance to come up and camp, have a BBQ, hang out, participate in light IFGS oriented activities and other games, party around the campfire in the evening, and then camp out so that people can wake up the next morning already on site to play in Land of Light.  It’s going to be a fun weekend!

Membership Renewals coming up in March

Remember that an IFGS membership now runs from April 1 through March 31 of the following year.  So that means that for most of us, our memberships will be expiring in a couple of months.  It is only $10 per year and helps support the organization and provides the insurance that allows us access to many of our game sites.  Please put it on your calendar to send in a membership renewal so that you do not have to worry about it when the gaming season begins.

Seeking Volunteers

First, Brad Evenson, a long standing Board member, has decided to step away from the Board.  As such, the Board will be taking nominations until the February meeting, where the Board will appoint a member to replace Brad’s seat.  Second, the Board is seeking several committee chair positions.  If you have considered becoming more involved in the chapter functions, please consider joining a committee or even becoming one of the committee chairs.

The D/B Insulated Worlds policy

This ground breaking policy is the beginning of a big change to the chapter games, set to roll out beginning with our 2017 season.  You will be seeing quite a bit more on this over the next few months, including the announcement of a game using this new policy toward the end of our 2016 summer season in August.  This policy is a broad one, intended to allow writers more latitude in game design, character progression, and unique treasure growth; while also making the sanctioning of games easier and quicker for our most overworked committee.  And for players, this policy provides a foundation that will provide the opportunity for more continuity for a character.  It is an exciting idea.

Pre-Approved Advances for Producers

While this is really an older policy, passed last year, it will become more apparent this year as producers who have had their games before the deadline are now able to utilize this policy.  In short, the chapter is changing the way that a producer has to front all of the costs for their game.

Standing Accounts for People for their Fees

The board is working with the Chapter Treasurer now to be able to provide people the opportunity to put money in a personal account that can be drawn on for their game fees and other expenses.  The primary purpose for this upcoming policy is to allow a person to write one check for the entire summer instead of having to write a check for each game.  This has been brought to the Board’s attention from our younger members who have said that it would be easier to get a single check from their parents rather than having to ask for one before every game.

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