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This page is for all of those with Editor or higher capabilities on the site.  Below you will find the basics of how to post an article including how to include a gallery. A tip before you start, if you’re using any modern browser, you can click with your mouse wheel button (press down on the mouse wheel) to open a link in a new window.  Do this now, and you can go between the two tabs while you work on your post easily.

Creating A New Post

Starting a new post is as easy as clicking on the new post link in your toolbar. You’ll only see the toolbar when you are logged into WordPress

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Start a new Post

Start a new post


To start, click on New, and then Post in the toolbar above. This will take you to the Add New Post page




New Post page

The new post page


By default, the “kitchen sink” is closed.  Click the button shown here to open this up.  This will give you more options when it comes to editing your post. Once you have opened it up, it should show up that way every time you revisit this page on this computer.


Important items on the new post page

Important items on the new post page


Here are a few of the more important items on this page. Screen options at the top let you decide how many options you will see here. The reset should be self-explanatory.



Screen Options

The minimum necessary page options


These are the minimum options you should show on your page. Choose what you like otherwise.

Simple editing

Text editing is simple


Editing text is very like using Microsoft Word. Highlight your text and choose the format you like. By default, all text will be “Paragraph” which is what you are reading now; simple and unformulated. The formatting options are fairly limited. If you are familiar with HTML, you can use the “text” tab to use more, but be aware that you will not be able to make use of CSS since you won’t have access to the CSS files.  If this goes over your head, just ignore the “text tab”. 🙂

Post Options

Other post options

Here are a number of important formatting and other options for your post.

  1. Paste as text – This option should be used if you are copying from another application such as a web page or MS Word.  This will strip all formatting from the text and allow you to format it to fit WordPress.
  2. Paste from Word – This will strip out only the non-compliant codes from anything copied and pasted from Microsoft Word.  You should use this any time you are copying your document from Word.
  3. Insert More Tag – This adds the “Continue reading” link at the bottom of the post when it shows on any page except for the actual post.  This keeps an extremely long post from taking up too much space on the main page.  An alternate to using this would be to use the “Excerpt” option from screen options, which will allow you to customize how people see the post introduction.  NOTE:  This is important for long articles. Please pick a logical break point, and don’t leave a several paragraph long article on the main page.
  4. Add NextGEN Gallery – This allows you to add an existing gallery to your post.  It will add a single image, which when clicked on, will display the gallery you’ve already created (see below on how to create galleries) in a light-box one image at a time.
  5. Post Format – This is how you determine what kind of post this will be.  By default most posts will be “Standard” but if you are posting an image gallery, you would click that option.  This helps determine the how the post is displayed.
  6. Post Category – Here you will need to check the category of your post.  This is mandatory!  You can select more than one category, such as “Games” and “Gallery” if you are posting about last week’s game, and have photo’s to add to it.
  7. Tags – This is for tags.  Feel free to create appropriate tags if you’d like.
Add Gallery

Add a Gallery to your post


Click the Add NetxtGEN Gallery button to add your gallery (if any). Click the down-arrow to choose the gallery you wish to have. Click “Insert” to put the gallery into your post.




Gallery Inserted

This shows your gallery inserted into the post


This image shows the gallery code inserted into your post. If you save your draft now, and click the “Preview” button, you can see how it will look.  I highly suggest using this function before publishing your post. That way, when you do publish, it’s all good.



Post preview

A preview of your post


Your post preview.






Back-dating a post

Back-dating a post


You can backdate a post by changing the posting date/time. Click the edit button shown here.





Edit posting date

Editing the posting date

Set the posting date and time to your preference and click OK. This is a good feature to use if you are posting items that need to be shown in order of the date they happen

You can also future-date items this way. Future-dated items will not show up until the date and time set.

Adding a Featured Image

A featured image is an image that shows up on the main page at the top of a post.  It is clickable on the main page, and for galleries and the Melee, it shows up on the respective index pages (see the top-menu links for examples).

The featured image is 655 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall, and WordPress will automatically crop any image you tell it to use as featured image, but the crop may not be what you want.  You can create your own image by cropping it to the appropriate size.

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Click featured image

Click the Featured Image link here


To start, click the Set Featured Image link near the bottom right of your page.


Upload image and name it

Upload an image by dragging and dropping it onto the browser




Upload the image and name it appropriately.

Then click the Set Featured Image button.


Here's your featured iamge

Here’s your featured iamge


You will now see how the featured image will look when displayed on the page.

In this example, it’s not very good, since WordPress automatically crops out the center of the image for the featured image.

Luckily, there are two easy solutions to this. Click the link directly below the image which now says “Remove featured image” and once again click the “add featured image”


Delete Image

Delete the image if it is not going to be used elsewhere

When you remove the featured image, unless you are going to use that particular shot elsewhere in your post, please delete it from the system to avoid unnecessary wasted space.

You can add a new image, based on the content, you can find one that will work when cropped through the center, or make your own with the same dimensions.


Using Photoshop to crop your image

Using Photoshop to crop your image


The other option is to open your image up in Photoshop, select the crop tool and set the dimensions (655 px X 150 px).


The crop tool

The crop tool will keep the dimensions you’ve set.


When you crop the image, the appropriate dimensions will be kept, regardless of how large or small you make the crop.


Crop compoleted

The completed crop



You will end up with the perfect sized featured image.



The cropped image ready to go


Add the new image like before

A great featured image

A great featured image






You will now have the perfect featured image.


Note that using pre-cropped images will make them show up differently on the gallery pages, but it’s not horrible.


Editing an Existing Post or Page

In order to edit an existing post you first need to locate it. Once you do, you have all the entry and formatting options available to you as you would while creating a new post.
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First, locate the appropriate link in your left-hand column. Editing pages and posts work the same way.

Edit Post Image 1

Edit Post Image 1

This will bring up a list of existing posts or pages.





Edit Post Image 2

Edit Post Image 2

You can search using the search box to narrow down the list to appropriate posts or pages. this helps greatly with posts, since there are a lot of them. Pages are more limited in number




Edit post image 4

Edit post image 4

Once you find the post you need to edit, click the title, or click on Edit.  You’ll notice other options, including trash (basically delete).  I would ask that you not trash an article without checking with me first.  You can edit a post or page to not be visible if you need to remove it. Doing this will save the effort of recreating a post or page if necessary.



Edit Post Image 3

Edit Post Image 3

From here, as noted above, you have all the standard editing capabilities available to you while creating a new post of page.  Here, I’ve added a “Read More” tag, which limits how much is shown on the front page.



How to Add A Photo Gallery

If you intend to add photos to your post, you will first need to create a gallery for them.   This section will show you how to do this:

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Gallery navigation

Click the gallery link on the left


Do this by clicking on the “Gallery” icon in the left-hand menu





Click on Add Gallery / Images

Click on Add Gallery / Images


Click on Add Gallery / Images (alternate, you can hover over gallery and click on the Add Gallery / Images from the fly-out menu)




Add a new gallery here

Add a new gallery here


From here you can create a new Gallery or add images to an existing one.

Right now, we want to create a new Gallery



Name your Gallery and click Add

Name your Gallery and click Add


Name your Gallery and click the “Add Gallery” button





Add images to your Gallery

Add images to your Gallery

Add images by dragging and dropping them onto the page.

You can also click the “Select Files”
button and navigate to your images and inset them that way. Dragging and Dropping is much faster.

Choose your gallery

Choose your gallery



Choose your gallery from the drop-down menu and click “Upload Images”




Your images being uploaded

Your images being uploaded


Your images will be uploaded and crunched.

This creates not only the gallery, but a thumbnail of each image.



A successful upload

A successful upload


Your images have been successfully uploaded and are ready to be used.

There are just a few more tweaks to make before we’re ready to insert the Gallery into a post.

Click the Edit Gallery Link


The Edit Gallery page

The Edit Gallery page


The three important options on this page are:

  1. Preview Image – By default, all of our Galleries show up as a single thumbnail which can be clicked on to display the rest. This lets you pick what image to use.
  2. Description  – The description of your gallery.
  3. Of course, save your changes before moving on.

Beyond those three, there are other options here as well.  You can delete or change the order that the images will be shown as well as give each a caption.  I strongly suggest doing this if possible.

You are now done creating your gallery.  You can insert it into your post as shown in the post section above

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