Denver/Boulder Sanctioning Committee

The Denver/Boulder SC is the committee responsible assisting writers in getting their games to sanctioned status. This includes reviewing the games for clarity, consistency and balance across the Denver/Boulder chapter.

If you are interested in getting your game run in the DB chapter, you can contact the
Sanctioning Committee for more information. You can also find many forms and documents used for sanctioning by going to the documents section of the website.

You can access ourĀ “book” which is a google document that tracks all active games that are currently in sanctioning.

Current Vermin:

  • Nissa Osheim (Chair)
  • Brandon Slaten (Vice-Chair)
  • Brad Evenson
  • Bret Halford
  • Jeff Loats
  • Michelle Lonsinger
  • Mike Paxton
  • Norman Moore
  • Ray Michel
  • Tom Baltzer
  • Seth Magle

Vermin in Training:

  • Izzy Velhuis
  • David McMillian
  • Jonathan Wisner
  • Sheryl Baltzer

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